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Tips and tricks to stay in trend with voguish winter decor

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Tips and tricks to stay in trend with voguish winter decor

As the winter season approaches, giving your home a warm and cozy vibe becomes imperative. Inducing this warmth inside the house can sometimes be challenging as the overall decor also must be in sync with the existing one. Ar. Nikita Bajaj Pathak, Founder at Design21 shares a few tips and tricks that can work well with any decor or design style this winter season:

1. Add Cozy throws
Throws or blankets are an excellent choice for keeping a place warm. They also materialize in the right way by adding texture, making the room comfy, and giving a more inviting aura to the space.

2. Using candles
Candles not only add a warm light to the room but also makes the space snug. The source of warm light can either be in the form of a lantern or even tiny tea lights. Scented candles also further accentuate the overall look and feel and give a personalized ambiance to the space.

3. Layer on with pillows and cushions
One can never have enough pillows, cushions, and throws, specifically in winters. Find rich and dark patterns, colours, or textures that go well with your existing decor. Mix and match the older cushions with new ones. Textured pillows and faux fur are both splendid options for the cold.

4. Play with mirrors
Mirrors, when strategically placed, have the ability to light up the entire room without any electric or human intervention. It also helps in making a space seem larger than it actually is.

5. Use of dark tones
Dark and rich tones are perfect for winter. They can be integrated as wallpaper or even as a throw. These colours can become the backdrop forming an ideal juxtaposition with lighter tones or metallic accents integrated through decor elements.

6. Rugs and carpets
Carpets or rugs are an optimal addition for the winter season. This decorative utility can provide comfort while simultaneously keeping your feet warm. Carpets and rugs are available in a variety of colours. One must choose warm materials like wool in chilly weather that also aid in warming up the entire room.

Outline a beautiful home that brings warmth into your life. Ar. Nikita Bajaj Pathak, Founder at Design21 hopes that these tried and tested tips can become a starting point in creating a winter oasis for your home.