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Nature-inspired Interior Design Ideas That Go Beyond Greenery

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Nature-inspired Interior Design Ideas That Go Beyond Greenery

Nature-inspired design is a huge trend in 2023 that reigns the design world. As people become increasingly concerned with sustainable living and finding ways to connect with nature, this design philosophy has enormously seeped specifically into the home interiors. By incorporating effective nature-inspired ideas into our homes, we can effortlessly bring the essence of the outdoors in and experience the resulting harmony and peacefulness the natural world delivers. These riveting design ideas would embrace personal chemistry between nature & inhabitants and strengthen the home’s connection with nature. Ar. Nikita Bajaj Pathak, Founder at Design21, shares some nature-inspired design ideas to incorporate into your home interiors (that go beyond greenery).

1. Nature-inspired colour palette
Nature-inspired design is often referred to as biophilic design, that involves nature directly or indirectly. When it comes to imbibing nature in a space indirectly, the use of colours signifying nature is a proven yet simple strategy. A dominant palette of earthy hues, such as browns and greens can be used to set the tone of the room with wall accents and the rug. These shades can then be extended to the furniture and decor to make them prominent. An accent wall in a living room with a nature-inspired colour can also bring a similar effect. Apart from repainting the walls, adding splashes of these colours in curtains, cushions, and artworks is an effortless strategy to bring nature into our homes.

2. Nature-inspired accents and patterns
While using natural materials such as wood and marble has become common among home interiors, the emerging trends are now scouting towards incorporating patterns inspired by nature. It is possible to redefine an interior space through the use of Jaali. A partition between the living and dining areas can be carved in bamboo or with intricate patterns that emulate nature. Upholsteries with floral patterns or motifs of nature also add a touch of nature with elegance. Further, for homeowners who prefer smaller accents, a nature-inspired wallpaper or a wall mural would be a suitable option.

3. Open spaces converging with nature
A breezy balcony, an outdoor deck, or a light-filled courtyard that converges interiors seamlessly with an outdoor environment is an irrefutable idea to encourage nature-inspired interior design. Planning a home with a surrounding green landscape not only provides a serene environment but also improves indoor air quality and ventilation. An open plan consisting of the living-dining space can be merged with a lawn or a garden through full-size glazed doors. Floor-ceiling windows and sliding glass doors offer outdoor views, resulting in a harmonious indoor-outdoor connection.

4. Natural Light and Ventilation
Natural light and fresh air work better than green plants, improving the wellness of the inhabitants. Building planning and orientation have a significant impact on bringing natural light and ventilation. On the other hand, simple strategies such as ensuring unobstructed windows can instantly make a difference in home interiors, pouring in abundant daylight, and assuring proper ventilation. Furthermore, to create a light & airy interior space, replace any heavy drapes with sheer curtains. Proper planning of facades, courtyards, and skylights also play a vital role to promote daylight and airflow in the interiors.
The urge to reconnect with nature has increased in recent times, therefore look for more ways to stay connected with nature, directly or indirectly. Regardless of any space in your home, make sure to accommodate some of these nature-inspired interior design ideas.