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Custom Creations - Bars that Wow

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Custom Creations - Bars that Wow

There is nothing more relaxing than coming home from a tough day at work to a beautiful home with a beautiful bar. That one glass of wine is many times the best part of the day. Imagine coming home to a custom-designed personalized bar that becomes an articulate part of your home. These stunning bars creatively crafted by Design 21 are just what you would want to come home to after a long day at work.

The location of a bar in a home holds a lot of significance. Appropriately placed bars have the ability to transform you to another realm. While asking your architect to design your bar, it becomes very important to choose the appropriate location. In the above shown home by Design 21, the classic yet contemporary design style encourages movement towards the living/bar area. In the above shown classic-contemporary home by Design 21, the layout is created in such a way that it flows naturally from one area to another. The navigation from one place to another is not explicitly led by design elements, but subtle factors that aid in making the transition soft and smooth. There are no jarring stops or extreme curves that make this space hard to navigate. It creates a subtlesoft division in the living area while still being a part of the space. The lighting element is also extremely unique to this space. While the adjoining sitting space has a glamorous chandelier, the bar has much more industrial and rustic lighting from inverted lamps that are held together by a sturdy metal frame. This makes for stunningly robust lighting, making the space feel more invitingmasculine. In terms of design, there needs to be a certain cohesiveness in the space. In this case, the colour scheme is complementary to the decor and vice versa, making it an integral part of the experience. Wood has been smartly incorporated into the space making it both refined and elegant. Additional decor pieces in both metallic tones, as well as more mellow colours, make the whole space a seamless experience.

Unlike the previous bar area, this has been customized to meet the client’s brief to have a well-lit area that is extremely spacious. The ingenious use of marble in the flooring matches the black marbled bar and countertop with gold veining. This gold component marries stunningly with the beige marble flooring, building a sense of unity in luxury amongst all the elements. A common staple of the bar is used here - the high-backed chairs. These chairs become an indistinguishable part of the designed space. The charcoal grey colour complements the black marble. The highlight of the room is the lighting fixtures. Especially the crystal fixtures suspended in an upside-down fashion that are held together by a glass casing bordered with gold. This helps illuminate and reflect the opulent aura of the space beautifully. The wine coolers and racks have additional backlight that adds another layer of illumination to the space. In all this bar sparkles with certain elegance and grace.

The above-shown bar area is next, epitomizing the ideals of masculine grace and beauty. Every component in this bar area is composed of warm hues. From the use of wood to the classy black marble with white veinings, makes for gorgeous spaces. The customized bar becomes the highlight of the lavish room. The space, pieces of furniture, the decor and the bar work hand in hand to create a holistic regal experience. The countertop and the backsplash to the bar are glossy, hence making this design an interplay with finishes are made of black marble with white veins. The appropriate use of wood, marble, and lighting combine together to create a splendid experience. 
 Custom bar spaces like these are stunning to behold. Design 21 does a stellar job of translating the needs of the client into customized contemporary architecture, making for some stunning spaces.