Partner in charge: Gaurav/ Amit / Nikita
Design Team: Vinay, Nancy
Client: Obeetee Retail
Year of completion: 2019
Area: 2000 sft.


The flagship showroom is a manifestation of Mirzapur bunglow - the place where it all began. The heritage that it imbibes is still prevalent in its architetcure and culture. It became quintessential to recreate the warmth and simplicity and richness of Mirzapur heritage.
The subtle monochromatic light distressed look creates the right ambience to enhance and show the rich characteristics of each carpet on display without superfluous distractions. To achieve this, the walls have been applied in micro-cement and sanded down for a distressed effect. The space created bespeakes of purity and quality that the carpets carry with it. The wear and tear that a carpet goes through only adds to its patina, and that has been beautifully captured in the showroom design as well. The walls have been highlighted at places with distressed motifs and gold leafing. Further, the gold leafing has been artistically placed over marble and gold chips ceiling reminding us of the heritage Obeetee embraces. Along with the display and retail area, there is also a studio space, where designers can spend time for creative outputs.
Design21's involvement in conceptualizing the space and bringing it to reality could not have been possible without the extensive involvement of Ms. Jasmine Roy and blessed by Ms. Angelique Dhama.