Partner in charge: Nikita/Gaurav/Amit
Design Team: Vinay, Nriga, Nancy
Client: Ideal Tower Group
Year of completion: 2020
Area: 6000sft.


Bringing back heritage with a mid century vibe and a modern twist.

The definition of luxury in hotels is changing and so is the experience quotient. The new experience is all about feeling at home while away from home. A feeling of comfort, a sense of place and space is created through a perfect balance of sophisticated design sensibility and with a dose of character in these premium rooms in Amayaa Hotel, Varanasi.

Each room tells a story through its timeless aged black and white hand sketches of Banaras which were made during British times, and are embraced by modern unique elements of design in the rooms.

The design is minimal and takes your eyes towards the art pieces on the wooden cladded walls creating timeless murals. Shades of yellows remind us of freshness, hope and positivity, and subtly reflect what the city has represented for ages. Varanasi inspires many, spiritually, and these rooms offer just that.