Design showcase – Maison Objet 2020 – Paris

  • AUTHOR: Design21
  • April 20, 2020
Design showcase – Maison Objet 2020 – Paris

Our Dialogues India (Ar.Sanjay Puri) Mural design which was launched at Dialogues India, Umaid Bhawan in September 2019 has been show cased at Maison Objet 2020 – Paris!

The composition displays an Architect’s constant enduring of spatial experiences in a built/unbuilt environment. These conscious and unconscious perceptions through distances, forms and lines are intentional yet surreal. The engagement of mind in playfully creating varied simulations through these lines becomes impendent. Its our soul intention and need for existence. These forms then become a part of us and invariably remind us of our creative being.
The Mural has been named – ‘LINES OF PROXIMITY’

Baaya – a Product Design company later used the prototype for door designs and displayed it in Maison Objet 2020 – France.

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