Commuting after Lockdown

  • AUTHOR: Design21
  • April 20, 2020
Commuting after Lockdown

When we talk about modes of transport in countries with different cultures, we mostly end up appreciating European cities & their prioritization on pedestrian movement in transport planning and clear emphasis on green vehicles. It is expected to either walk down, use public transport or simply use a bicycle.
Bicycle can become a simple solution in Corona hit cities as the traveler not need to share public transport. Bicycles are easier to clean & disinfect, in comparison to cars which have ample vinyl & fabric coverings, crevices & surfaces that only deep cleaning can disinfect. The GYOB (Get Your Own Bike) may work wonders not only to protect the community from the deadly infection but it can also keep the environment clean & AQI much below hazardous level. We all are experiencing beautiful clear skies and breathing clean air these days. Aren’t we?!
What it simply means for Architects to make additions like – have a cycle stand along with a small space for air pump and spare protective head and knee gear, accommodate changing rooms in office with shower cubicles. This can create an employee centric office environment & can meet the requirements of green building certification. This can encourage in improving lifestyle for society at large.

The picture is a visual clue & the real solution may have its shortcomings like lack of ready infrastructure to provide smooth rides & safety rules. This can be a great start to help stakeholders understand the need to incorporate/ reinforce such facilities into existing city fabric & initiate a social paradigm.

Later Addition: A few days after publishing this article, World Economic Forum also published a video covering the same topic in 5 different cities in the world. It has echoed our thoughts and strengthened our belief that this should be the next step forward post covid.

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