Are co-working spaces the future of post lockdown?

  • AUTHOR: Design21
  • April 20, 2020
Are co-working spaces the future of post lockdown?

It is expected that a lot many small sized companies may have to move out from their existing offices move into smaller spaces to cut down on costs and other overheads. Coworking spaces can really become the future solution for these companies. To accommodate new needs, post lockdown these spaces, as per existing individual spacial layouts, may need to create sufficient distances between working spaces to accommodate social distancing, They will be required to add sanitizers at all strategic places, also a disinfecting tunnel at the entrance for humans and for their belongings. This adaption can only be successful when these common spaces shared between many companies are well disinfected after every use. For this the management may need to formulate procedural document to disinfect spaces regularly.
Interestingly, this changeover will be a win-win situation for coworking spaces owners as well as small sized companies who will be striving to stand on their feet again.
Although the per square feet per person cost for the owner will increase, the increased footfall may help it balance out.

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